Criticism of Prince Harry and Meghan after naming their daughter ‘Lilibet Diana’

Lilibet „Lili” Diana was born on June 4 and is a healthy baby girl. Meghan also feels good after giving birth.

Many people were curious what the couple’s little girl would be called, but many were shocked to find out her name. The name was chosen after her great-grandmother, the Queen and after her grandmother, Diana.

Many people have said that it is inappropriate to name their daughter after the queen given their relationship with the royal family after they decided to move to the USA and gave the interview to Oprah.

The year 2021 was a pretty busy one for Harry and Meghan. On June 6, they publicly announced that their little girl was born on June 4, at 11:40 a.m., in Santa Barbara, California. Both she and Meghan are healthy.

They said that the little girl is named Lilibet after Queen Elizabeth, whose nickname was Lilibet and Diana after the mother of Prince Harry. Lilibet has an older brother, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Everyone congratulated Harry and Meghan on the birth of their little girl, even the royal family, although at the moment their relationship is not good. On the official Twitter account of the royal family was made the following announcement „Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the birth of Lilibet Diana! The Queen, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall and The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted Lilibet is Her Majesty’s 11th great-grandchild. ” However, it is not known if Harry and Meghan spoke personally with members of the royal family.

It is also unknown if Harry spoke to his father, Prince Charles. Since the couple left the royal family, Harry and Charles have not had a very good relationship, especially because Harry said in an interview with Oprah that he does not want to criticize anyone, but he has experienced suffering since he was a child and wants to stop this and give his children support in every way. He said he would not let his children go through what he went through. However, Charles and Camila congratulated them on Lilibet’s birth with the following announcement: „Congratulations to Harry, Meghan and Archie on the arrival of baby Lilibet Diana. Wishing them all well at this special time “.

During the Oprah interview, Meghan and Harry announced that they will have a baby girl and it will be their last child. Their first child is named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, and the name Archie is not necessarily related to the royal family and is a fairly common name in the UK, but their little girl’s name has a whole story.

Many people said that the girl’s name can attract a lot of media attention and could be too much pressure for the girl. Lilibet was also the queen’s nickname when she was a child. Although it seems nice that they named their little girl after the Queen and Princess Diana, the couple received a lot of criticism from the public. The royal commentator Richard Kay said the two went too far using the name Lilibet. He said that Lilibet was the nickname of the queen that only Prince Philip was allowed to use. He also believes that it is all the more wrong as the girl will live in the United States of America and will have no connection with the royal family.

The royal expert Angela Levin was asked what the Queen Elizabeth would think of the name chosen by Harry and Meghan, and she said she might feel offended. She said the nickname was quite private and only the queen’s husband called her Lilibet.


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