Prince Charles and Prince Harry are now in “regular contact” thanks to Lilibet

The last year has been a difficult one for the royal family after Harry and Meghan decided to leave the family and had the interview with Oprah.

When the two decided to leave, most people probably thought they wanted privacy, but that changed after the interview.

Several statements were made during the interview, Meghan saying that she suffered from depression during her first pregnancy and wanted to commit suicide, but no member of the royal family helped her. There have also been allegations of racism after Meghan said a member of the royal family was worried about the skin color her son will have when he is born.

The accusations were so serious that Queen Elizabeth said she would investigate what was happening.

Then the queen said that she was sorry to find out what difficulties the two went through and that she wanted them to know that they would always be members of the family.

According to the media, Prince Charles was very angry when he saw the interview and said that the royal family should respond public to the accusations. Prince William was also disappointed by the couple and said the royal family was by no means racist.

Harry later appeared on Dax Shepard’s The Armchair Expert podcast where he made several claims, such as the parenting styles employed by the Queen and his own father, Prince Charles.


He said he does not blame anyone, but when it comes to parenting he suffered when he was a child and he wants his children not to live the same experiences.

According to sources, Prince Charles was also nervous when he had these statements, but it seems that the birth of Harry’s daughter brings hope to the royal family.


The girl’s name is Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, after the intimate nickname of Queen Elizabeth and after Princess Diana. According to the press, Prince Charles and Harry are talking to each other again and maybe Lilibet’s arrival is exactly what the two needed. Prince Charles is interested in the environment because he wants his grandchildren to have a good life on Earth, and recently declared that he has become a grandfather for the fifth time, and this is a reason for him to continue working for a better world.

It also appears that the two are in regular contact now, but the media says that the royal family is still affected by Harry’s statements, but family members understand his suffering.
Let’s hope things go better and better in the royal family.


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